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Brian McBride is a self-taught artist and photographer, born in Munich, Germany. He comes from a family with a rich artistic heritage, where the trade of photography has been passed down from one generation to the next. His father, a photographer, instilled in Brian a love for capturing moments through the lens.
Growing up surrounded by painters, gallery owners, singers, and photographers, Brian was exposed to various artistic influences. Unsurprisingly, he developed a passion for photography at an early age. His first camera, an Asahi Pentax, was handed down to him by his father, marking the beginning of his journey as a fine art photographer.
From the outset, Brian’s images showcased a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective on the world. He chose to exclusively pursue analog photography, mastering the art of capturing moments on film. Since 1995, Brian has consistently honed his craft, exploring light, composition, and storytelling through his evocative photographs.
Brian McBride’s work is a testament to his dedication to photography. With each frame he captures, he invites viewers to join him, offering a glimpse into his distinct interpretation of the world around us. Through his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to analog photography, Brian continues to leave a lasting testament to his journey.

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For the past 20 years, I have pursued the art of analog photography. I had the privilege of working for film-producing companies, where I learned the unique characteristics of different films and the art of developing in the darkroom. This experience deepened my understanding of the medium and allowed me to explore its endless possibilities.
I strive to capture more than just a moment frozen in time in my photographs. Through analog film, I infuse each image with nostalgia and authenticity. The tactile nature of film lends a distinct charm to my work, evoking emotions and creating a tangible connection with the viewer.
To showcase my creations, I offer a range of print options. Whether you choose a digital print or opt for the extraordinary allure of analog silver gelatin or platinum palladium prints, each piece is a limited edition. By restricting the number of prints to just 20, I ensure the exclusivity and collectibility of my art, making each print truly special.
Join me on this journey through time as we explore the beauty and artistry of analog photography. Through my lens, I aim to transport you to a place where the past meets the present, and each photograph tells a unique and captivating story.



Brian McBride Fine Art Photography is headquartered in Berlin. However, my work takes me to various locations worldwide. Berlin provides the necessary infrastructure to continue working with analog material.

SINCE 1995


Carrying my Leica with me has become a cherished habit, much like my father before me. In this fast-paced world, moments come and go in the blink of an eye, and occasionally, I am fortunate enough to capture them on film. However, I know that a roll of film offers only 36 exposures, and not all will be perfect shots.
When I’m out there, immersed in the art of photography, patience becomes my closest companion. I understand the importance of that extra second, the pause before releasing the shutter, to ensure I capture the essence of the scene before me. While I appreciate the allure of portrait photography, I have moved beyond the desire to intrude on others’ private spheres. Nonetheless, my skill in capturing portraits remains, and those seeking such images can always book a session with me.
Mostly, I find my inspiration during my travels. It is in those moments of exploration and discovery that my creativity flourishes. Through my camera lens, I strive to leave a slight trace of history, a lasting testament to the places I have ventured and the stories I have encountered. So, I shall continue to carry my camera, preserving those fleeting specks of time, even after I depart, for they are the legacy I wish to share with the world.

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Ordering fine art prints with me is pretty straightforward. If you’re interested in analog and platinum palladium prints, simply email me at We can discuss your desired images, sizes, matting, and frames to customize your print exactly as you envision. Rest assured, shipping is available worldwide, so your print can be delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are.
For those seeking digitalized art prints, the process is equally convenient. Just visit the shop page on my website and click on the image you desire. This will redirect you to Fotomoto, where you can browse and choose your preferred fine art print. From there, simply select your options and have the print shipped directly.

Whether you prefer the timeless allure of analog and platinum palladium prints or the convenience of digital prints, I strive to make the ordering process seamless and hassle-free. Feel free to reach out or explore the shop page to add the perfect piece of art to your collection.

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How much

Pricing will be generated in real-time at Fotomoto when purchasing through the shop page, ensuring transparency and convenience. You have the freedom to choose the size that suits your preferences, and for an elevated experience, consider selecting the fine art print option, which guarantees the use of museum-grade paper. This acid-free, archival-quality paper is meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time, preserving the integrity of your print for years to come.
Analog prints are a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted from start to finish. The process involves utilizing special silver gelatin paper and carefully handling chemicals to create a positive image. Each step is conducted with precision and expertise. The printing occurs in Berlin, while the palladium prints are produced in Lower Saxony. The meticulous process includes hours spent in a dark room, careful watering, and drying and flattening the print. All of this meticulous attention to detail takes time. Due to the scheduling involved, please allow up to three weeks for your print to be ready for shipping.
The result of this painstaking process is unparalleled satisfaction. Each analog fine art print is a remarkable collectible and a valuable investment that will endure for generations. The exceptional quality, combined with the limited availability of each print, ensures its unique and enduring value.
Analog Fine Art Print Sizes and Prices:

  • 18×24 cm (7×9 inches): $75
  • 24×30 cm (9×12 inches): $89
  • 30×40 cm (12×16 inches): $195
  • 40×50 cm (16×20 inches): $294
  • 50×60 cm (20×24 inches): $420

Embrace the opportunity to own a timeless piece of art that embodies the dedication, craftsmanship, and enduring value of analog fine art photography.

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