Allow my photos to take you by the hand

by | Jul 3, 2023

Photography has always been one of my greatest passions. Nothing is more fulfilling for me than capturing genuine moments and sharing them with the people around me. 

My upbringing in the Bavarian countryside shaped my entire outlook on life. The rolling hills were lush manifolds of greens splashed against the backdrop of the rugged alpine giants: 100-year-old oak trees; mythical creatures at night. I spent hours floating in my rowing boat, counting trout and watching pink, red, and yellow water lilies grow in the crystal clear lakes.  

Nature provides us with beauty and true freedom. There is food and drink, colors and Light. Nature is a place where I can take a single deep breath and connect with who I am. 

There is something special about this unique sense of freedom that I love to share with others. 

Brian McBride

American born in Munich, Germany in 1964. I don’t take photos to educate people about the world or tell them how to live. Instead, I offer a personal perspective from someone willing to share intimate details. My generation witnessed the emergence of home computers, the internet, smartphones, and social media. While these advancements have brought significant benefits, they have also created a disconnect from the world around us, leading, at times, to ignorance. Therefore, I will interrupt this detachment and encourage people to look beyond their phones and experience nature’s beauty firsthand. Growing up in a family of artists, I have been immersed in the tools and skills required to see the world through a creative and curious lens. I am inspired by the great photographers who capture the true nature of our planet and strive to motivate others to appreciate its beauty.